The Harvest Barn is a venue that offers a range of options for parties and events, from small intimate gatherings to large parties of up to 299 people. The Harvest Barn specializes in wedding bookings, which allow for a 3-day rental and include many amenities listed on our website. The Barn is also available for smaller parties, which can be booked by day or by hour. The venue is known for its history and charm, making it a unique and memorable location for any event. 

History of The Harvest Barn

The Harvest Barn was built in 1873. The Homan family of 4 boys came to America in 1855 from Herbern, Germany. They settled on the first farm east of St Rose church on the north side of the road. 

The barn was built by another family in 1873 after a fire destroyed their original barn. Joseph Homan, one of the four brothers, bought the farm in 1888. The original barn was 53’ wide X 99’ long. In the early 1900s 16’ was added to the north end of the barn. It is believed that is also when the upper beams were lowered to accommodate larger amounts of hay for the hay mow. The original barn was hand-hewn with no steel. The newer addition was cut with a saw. 

The barn is featured in the book, The Big Barns of Mercer County, written by Joyce Alig. It was one of the few barns with two threshing floors to unload the wagons of hay and feed. 

From Joseph Homan the barn was transferred to his son Theodore (Mary Evers), then to his son John (Eleanor Schmitmeyer), then to his son Dennis (Louise Hilgefort). In 2009 Dennis’s son Roger (Deborah Siefring) purchased the barn and restored it to be used for meetings and events. During the restoration, the cupolas were added. In 2022 the barn was sold to Roger’s son Eric (Andrea Stachler). Andrea has turned the barn into a beautiful venue for weddings and family gatherings with updated central air and heating system while maintaining the gorgeous historical pieces of The Harvest Barn.